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Blue Water

Custom AI agents and chatbots
helping users as part of your app

Why Us
Profile picture of Dima Lashkov

Dima Lashkov

Dima has 15 years of engineering experience and has been building

AI agents and chatbots for the last 2 years.

AI agent engineer profile picture

AI Agent Engineer

AI agent engineer profile picture

AI Agent Engineer

We are a team of experienced engineers that love working on real world uses of Large Language Models. We believe that LLMs and AI agents can bring customer satisfaction and profitability to the next level for any company.

How It Works

What is an AI agent

Cartoon image of C-3PO and R2D2

AI agents can accept requests from your users in a natural language and complete complex actions within your app. AI agents are fast, predictable and scalable. We can develop a specialized AI agent and seamlessly integrate it. You can even choose to completely reinvent your product by powering it fully by AI agents.

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